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Connie Steitz Fox

Houston, Texas


A lifelong love of writing and design, coupled with capturing and polishing images, have merged into one creative outlet. Here you can see the results. Each step in the process, from framing a scene with the camera to making it wall-worthy, helps me appreciate anew the amazing details and beauty of Creation. You will be amazed too.

My journey began in California and Arizona--ideal places to grow up. Then my family settled in the great state of Texas, where I've lived for half a century. Because I've been blessed to live in such beautiful cities and states, I am spoiled on topography, with a love of nature and architecture thrown into the mix.

A Registered Dental Hygienist, I practiced for more than a decade. Skills I used in that profession continued to serve me in a second career as a writer and editor. When my first feature article for a trade journal made its way behind the Iron Curtain, I saw the power of the written word to change lives. Then came feature articles and poetry for other magazines, leading to award-winning writing, graphic design, and consulting for advertising and design firms. Along the way: homemaker and mother of two, community leader, choir member, ensemble singer, and trip- and special-event planner. Topping it off, I am now a grandmother. Many skills and life-experiences weave their way into my work. I also love to share what I have learned. Thus you will find enlightening descriptions with each photo.

Please browse through my Images and Galleries, the latter arranged by subject. Treat yourself to new art for your home or office. I assure you the workmanship is top-notch. Whatever you decide to purchase, may it brighten your world and bring you joy.

If you've run out of wall space, consider purchasing a pillow. Or a picture of a bear, covered with new-fallen snow, captured in Denali, Alaska, made into a shower curtain. If you're showing your guests to their room, they won't be expecting a larger-than-life "Snow Bear" in the guest bathroom. The best part: Hearing them laugh!

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Connie Fox - Fine Art Photography

Treat yourself today to some beauty for your home or office. You deserve it!


Morning Cruise in Victoria by Connie Fox


St. Paul's Church Port Townsend in Sepia by Connie Fox


Joy to the World Begonia by Connie Fox


Colors of Love. Red Hibiscus Flower 2 by Connie Fox


Fossilized Maple Leaf by Connie Fox


The Golden Gate Bridge in Classic B W by Connie Fox


Golden Gate Bridge and Partial Arch in Color by Connie Fox


Neo-Classical Architecture by Connie Fox


Silky Red Hibiscus Flower by Connie Fox


Heart-Shaped Ember in Roaring Fire by Connie Fox


First Day of Winter 3 by Connie Fox


First Day of Winter 2 by Connie Fox


Natural Beauty by Connie Fox


In My Dreams - White Roses by Connie Fox


Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi by Connie Fox


Parliament Building Dome. Victoria British Columbia by Connie Fox


In Memory of Neil Armstrong. Mt. Rainier National Park. Paradise Washington by Connie Fox


Glaciers in the Clouds BW. Mt. Rainier National Park by Connie Fox


Silky Blue Hibiscus Flower by Connie Fox


Horses Running in Field of Bluebonnets by Connie Fox


The Old Tree by Connie Fox


Colors of Love. Red Hibiscus Flower by Connie Fox


Blue Hawaii With Planets at Night by Connie Fox


Hibiscus From Behind by Connie Fox


N. D. Hill Building. Port Townsend Historic District by Connie Fox


Galveston Tide in Grayscale by Connie Fox


The Lesson of the Fig Tree by Connie Fox


Vintage Windows by Connie Fox


Scarlet Begonia by Connie Fox


Mount St. Helens and Castle Lake in August by Connie Fox


Silky Hibiscus Flower B W Macro by Connie Fox


Orange and Purple Rose Square Macro by Connie Fox


Scarlet Begonias by Connie Fox


Rustic Land of Beauty - Rural Texas by Connie Fox


Perfect White Rose by Connie Fox


Rise and Shine - Hibiscus Face by Connie Fox


Steps to the Beach. Dana Point California by Connie Fox


Backlit Palm and Grasses by Connie Fox


Waikani Falls at Wailua Maui Hawaii by Connie Fox


South Shore of Maui by Connie Fox


The Road to Hana by Connie Fox


Inside the Wortham at Christmas by Connie Fox


Pioneer Building. Independence Texas by Connie Fox


Armistead Homestead Shed Vertical by Connie Fox


Old Texas Oak Tree by Connie Fox


Big Blue Texas Sky by Connie Fox


Armistead Homestead Shed by Connie Fox


Armistead Homestead Barn by Connie Fox